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If you made it to our site you probably know that Costa Rica is a place well worth visiting. A few things that have made it the popular adventure vacation hub of the Americas are its easy access from major airport hubs in the US, super friendly people, amazing lush vibrant rainforests, incredible views, perfect year-round climate, most delicious fruit and coffee you will find anywhere and a long list of adventurers for all ages and levels.

While we here at POC obviously could talk all day about Costa Rica, we have our top two reasons that people looking for an adventure trip should make Costa Rica their next stop. Oddly enough the first one doesn’t have anything to do with an adventure which means it’s gotta be good. Our number one reason for visiting Costa Rica is the people! You have to meet the Ticos and get to spend some time with them either as your guides or a visit to the local areas. Our second reason is the Pacuare River. Voted one of the most scenic rivers on the planet we can not say enough about it. 

There you have it. While we could write a book on this topic, we just think meeting some of the happiest people in the world and rafting one of the best rivers in the world should be enough to get you to start looking for flights to Costa Rica.

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With things to do alone, in a group, or for the whole family, Costa Rica is the ideal location to let loose and enjoy what life has to offer. If you have questions before you book please contact us today.

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A country only the size of Vermont yet more bird species than all of North America, filled with lush tropical rainforest, volcanos, and waterfalls you quickly start to understand why Costa Rica has become known as one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

Costa Rica is located in the perfect part of the tropics and with constant elevation change it makes a perfect home for much different flor & fauna. You will wake up to the sound of howler monkeys, toucans, macaws, and sloths in almost every part of Costa Rica.  While the conditions are perfect it can not be ignored that the Costa Rican government and people have been a country dedicated to conservation for the last 60 years. Because of this, you will find more lush forest as compared to all other Central American countries.

The view of the canyon and morning sunrise at the Pacuare River.

Along with its biodiversity, you will also find some of the most breathtaking views from perfectly cone-shaped volcanoes, delicately groomed coffee plantations, remote crystal clear waterfalls, and beautiful beaches on two different coasts.

Ziplining through the rainforest at Pacuare River.

When traveling in Costa Rica there is so much to do and you will want to do it all. It’s like hitting every ride at Disney but the only difference is the 13,000ft mountains and volcanoes between each ride in Costa Rica. In a week it is simply not possible. So here is what I think you must do when visiting Costa Rica.


You are probably thinking we are going to say raft the Pacuare River or go ziplining or learn to surf. Well, we think all those are a must,  but the one thing that has to be done is get to know some locals. The best part about Costa Rica is its people. Make an effort to get to hang out with some Ticos. You will remember those moments as much if not more than the actual zipline or rapids. Going on tours is a great way to hang out with Ticos as you will have guides.

Costa Rica has grown in tourism and is where it’s at because of the natural communication skills and happy well-being of its people. If you bring anything back from Costa Rica pack some of that in your suitcase

One of the best parts of traveling to another country is trying new foods and Costa Rica is no different. My most interesting food which most of you will know has and always will be the famous “Mamon-Chino”. 

It is a small fruit that looks like COVID-19 on the outside and an eye-ball on the inside. We call it the eye-ball fruit and they are great for picking up bags on the side of the road and snacking on during long car rides.

Your first question when traveling somewhere is to know if it is safe for you and for your family. Today I’m going to try and answer the question for you: Is Costa Rica safe? Ironically I often have Costa Rican’s ask me if the US is safe with all the school and mass shootings?

Instead of saying yes or no I am just going to use personal data. I have lived here for 20 years and my retired parents have lived for 10 years, and a cousin has a house on the beach for 10 years. That’s a total of 40 years of immediate family data.

During that time my cousin had copper electrical cables stolen from his house, my parents had copper electrical cables stolen from their house, and I was mugged and had my wallet and phone stolen. Not bad for 40 years and my mugging I was asking for. I was on a beach I should not have been on after hours. Rookie mistake and I paid for it.

The reality is 99% of people will come to Costa Rica and not have any safety issues. The other 1% will talk about their unfortunate situation and it can be a rabbit hole of negative reviews. Just like any foreign country, be alert and listen to the suggestions from travel guides and reviews on the area on where and what you can and should do? Or even better take the stress out of traveling and just book a POC adventure and let their guides and drivers lead you on a safe and fun adventure from start to finish.