Nosara Tropical SUPSurf Academy

Learn To SupSurf From The POC Pro's

  • Top Level Professional SUPSurf Coaching
  • Video Footage Analysis Daily
  • 8 hours Total of Video Coaching
  • Evaluation based on 4-levels of SUPSurfing
  • Land and Water SUPSurf Coaching
  • Costa Rica’s Top Beach for SUPSurfing – Nosara
  • TSA Swag Bag (Surf Hat, RashGuard, & More)
  • Wildlife, Wildlife, and More Wildlife
  • Discount on TSA Surf Adventures



The POC has developed an Academy for those looking to learn from scratch or more experienced SUPSurf paddlers that want to tone their skills. With the shakeup of the pandemic and a need to re-invent areas of what we do on the water, the POC decided to take its passion for SUPSurf and partner with close friend and professional SUPSurfer Jose Ruiz and launch the Tropical SUPSurf Academy. Jose brings years of experience of SUPSurfing professionally, coaching, and mentored by the top names and brands you will find in the sport. Jose’s level of professionalism, patience, and love for teaching made him the perfect partner for POC’s vision of opening one of the top SUPSurfing instructional schools found anywhere on the globe.

Tropical SurfSUP Academy offers small size courses with attention to service and running our operation on a personalized level. All guests are evaluated at the start and end of each course. Video analysis is done breaking down every move made, ocean knowledge while being a lifelong course is discussed,  the surfing lifestyle is shared, and a lot of coffee is shared for those looking to do dawn patrol!

Costa Rica is a mecca for surfing, and the waves are sized perfectly for those looking to learn. Join us as our only goal is to keep you smiling and helping us spread a new pandemic of the love for SUPSurfing and the lifestyle it brings.


  • Nosara – Playa Guiones, Playa Ostional, y Playa Garza
  • Tropical Lodging steps from the Beach
  • Dates: TBD
  • Double Occupancy:  $2,395
  • Single Occupancy:  $2,695
  • Intensive SUPSurf Coaching Lessons from the Pro’s
  • TSA Learning Material (Books and Videos)
  • All Lodging, Food, & Transportation
  • Wildlife Galore
  • Flat Water SUP 

4 yrs old; Kids Age 4-10 must be accompanied by an adult.



Beginner to Advanced (This itinerary has the luxury of adapting to different levels of adventure)

Do you have a passion for being near the ocean, and you feel that just sitting in the sand doesn’t do it anymore. The fast-growing sport of SUPSurfing has made visiting the beach an entirely new experience. With the learning curve easier than traditional pop-up surfing, the SUPSurf wave changing people’s lives is now easier than ever to join. 

Here at POC our passion for water has taught us that there is so much more to river rafting or 1-hour surf classes. There are entirely new lifestyles and possible adventures with just a little effort. After one week, we have seen people become total SUPSurf addicts from never getting on a board to in only three days doing bottom turns and becoming a lifelong surfer. 

It’s never too late. Most of our guests are in their 40’s or 50’s starting SUPSurf for the first time. The idea of already standing makes it possible for almost anyone. Now, if you want to make it a little more challenging, take a look at TSA owner and professional SUPsurfer Jose Ruiz, and you will see just how far you can go in SUPSurf. But our goal here at TSA is to make some noise and let everyone know that SUPSurfing is not just for people that have been surfing all their lives. 

Our goal is to share what we love, put smiles on faces, and make sure we and all that visit us take more time to enjoy life! We make all that happen through our week-long SUPSurf Academy.

Water Hours: 0 Hours

Video Coaching: 1 Hour Intro

Welcome to Nosara Costa Rica. This is one of the most authentic beach towns you will find in all of Costa Rica. Here you will experience 9 months of the year of perfect weather, perfect waves, and more attention to living healthy with the sea and much less of a party vibe.

Nosara is one of the homes of the Tropical SUPSurf Academy and we know you will fall in love with it’s beauty vibe as much as you do the sport of SUPSurf.


Today you will be met at the airport and transported to your hotel where you will stay for the week. One of the TSA Coaches will be waitinf or you at the Liberia or Nosara Airport. If your flight arrives to San Jose we will also arrange pick up for a small extra fee.

Once you arrive the hotel you will have the chance to meet the rest of the camp which is no more than 6 members and Jose will give you an orientation on the area, SUPSurf, and a chance to meet your new family at TSA.

After a welcome dinner it will be time to rest up after a long day of travel and get ready for a week we know will change your life!

“The Best Surfer out there is the Surfer having the most fun”   – Duke Kahanamoku

Water Hours: 5 Hours 

Video Coaching: 2 Hours

Once you get up and have already surfed dawn patrol, don’t worry; you don’t have to do dawn patrol if you don’t want to, we recommend the sunsets in Nosara over the sunrises anyways but once you get the bug for being on the water you just might be up wanting to do dawn patrol.

Let’s say once you get up and have your coffee, we will give a short lecture on the safety and history of SUPSurf. Here you will learn everything you need to know to keep you safe through day one and a little homage to the legends who have come before us. Maybe one day, there will be a SUPSurf Academy teaching about the next Laird Hamilton or Duke Kahanamoku sitting in our class!

After we summon the SUP gods to join us during the week, it’s off to the water; we will start with a short session and depending on your level we will adjust accordingly. 

We will head back to the hotel for some lunch, and you will have a chance to relax, watch surf videos with the guides, or just enjoy the wildlife.

After the food has digested, it’s back to the water where you will be surfing with the coaches until dark. This will also be the first session for video footage. GoPro’s, cameras, and drones will be out and about as we work on getting the best possible footage for your evening video analysis.

Once the sun drops and we have everyone back at the hotel, we will have dinner, drinks, and video analysis. This often runs as late as it needs to go while many questions are asked.

“You can’t stop the wave but you can learn how to surf”   – Jon Cabbat 

Water Hours: 5 Hours

Video Coaching: 1 Hour

 Today we are back at it. Feel free to do some morning yoga with some of the crew or just catch up on the extra hour to rest for the full day of surfing. We will be running a morning and afternoon session, both of which will be recorded for evening analysis.

In the morning, we will discuss the level system a little more in-depth as we set goals to get everyone to the level they feel comfortable with or simply work on different techniques and moves in your level.

After a full morning of surfing, it’s back to the hotel to eat, rest up, and repeat!

In the afternoon, it’s full coaching until the sun comes down. In the evening we will do a video session and then go out to eat in the town

Water Hours: 5 hours

Video Coaching: 2 hours

Dawn Surf Session? Sunrise yoga? Or just coffee on your balcony? These are the hardest decisions of being at TSA.

No matter what you do, just be ready for another full morning of SUPSurfing and coaching. 

After breakfast, we will surf until lunch and then take a short rest. 

After lunch, it’s back to strapping on the leash and working on our skills. Your coaches will still have 2 hours to work on your form with your today, and an evening video analysis will be after dinner.

“If you stumble, just make it part of the dance ”  – Anonymous Surfer

Water Hours: 8

Video Coaching: 2

This will be the full day of surf coaching before your first official SurfSUP Trip in search of the perfect waves. Today will be a morning and afternoon session with video analysis in the evening.

We will be heading out to dinner at a nearby restaurant tonight and doing video analysis as a group during dinner.

Water Hours: 4

Video Coaching: 0

Now that you have done six days of Tropical SUPSurf Academy we know we will have you ready for your first official SUPSurf Trip.

After breakfast, we will load the boards up on a local boat, and our boat captain will take us to the nearby area of Punta Mona. This is one of the most scenic places on the Caribbean coastline, but it is also remote. Our only access will be by boat, and we will be SUPSurfing from the ship.


This is an excellent adventure that even the coaches get excited about, so if you have never starred in a surf movie, then now is your time!

After a long morning with lunch on the boat, we will arrive back at the TSA Lodge around 2 pm. Here we will have some local guests give you a demonstration of the sacred cacao fruit. The cacao was plentiful in the southern Caribbean until fungi took most of it out. It has made a comeback, and small boutique chocolatiers have been having a field day making some of the tastiest chocolate you can imagine in recent years. If you have a sweet tooth or are just interested in chocolate’s history, then we know you will enjoy this after your day of surfing.

In the evening, we will make dinner at the lodge and just relax as we share stories about our SUPSurf adventure to Punta Mona.

Water Hours: 4 

Video Coaching: 0

This will be your last official SUPSurf coaching session. Your coaches will be working on your evaluation today and getting you ready not to end your surfing career today but keep you motivated to take your SUPSurf career to the next level.

We will have lunch at the hotel and then in the afternoon a one on one with your coach to give you your final report and training material for when you return home.

At this point we are sure you are tired and ready to get home. We hope that your experience was amazing and we hope you come back to visit soon. 


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Jose Ruiz

We would be happy to help and advise if you have any questions or inquiries.

Jose Ruiz has a passion for surfing that is only second to his passion for teaching. Jose has years working under some of the top SUPSurf coaches n the planet, paddling for Infinity, and developing his professional skill level to become one of the top SUPSurf coaches in Costa Rica. Jose is a native to the area of Nosara and has fulfilled his dream of launching his own SUPSurf Academy after working as a coach for the top SUPSurf Camps in the area. Jose has a level of patients, perfect English, and a gift for understanding every skill level on the water that his past guest seeking out Jose for advice year after year.

The lounge chairs by the pool at the house used for sup surfing camps in Nosara.
House used by Tropical SurfSup Academy in Costa Rica.
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  • Double Occupancy:  $2,345
  • Single Occupancy:  $2,695
What’s Included:
  • All lodging
  • Meals Included 
  • All Transportation
  • Professional Coaching
  • High-End Infinity SurfSUP boards
  • 20 hours in the water coaching
  • 3 Workshops
  • 8 hours of video analysis
What’s Not Included:
  • International Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
More Info:

Available Dates:

  • July 17th – 24th
  • August 1st – 8th

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