Most Impressive Treehouse in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's Best Treehouse

There is something about the word treehouse that seems to find a way into our past and bring out the inner child we all have. If you are familiar with the POC in Costa Rica, you know it is made up of a fun and happy crew of professional adventure guides but, without question, experts of bringing out the inner-child in all of us.

So it goes without saying that adding a treehouse to the POC’s life of adventure and fun in Costa Rica was a perfect fit. You might see several different versions of treehouses around the world. Many are just normal houses built out of logs, others are normal houses built around trees, and others are houses just built on really tall stilts. If you are a true treehouse fan, you know that these three types of treehouses are “fake news.”

So What Makes a Treehouse Legit

A few things make a treehouse legit on our self-created requirements of being a legit treehouse. 

  • House must be up in the tree’s canopy over 100ft high
  • It must be a tree that makes you go “wow”! 
  • Wildlife galore is why you would put a house in a tree.

Breaking these three items down is pretty simple. The first reason for being in the tree’s canopy is to offer some height to the adventure and that moment of looking down over the edge. A treehouse of this magnitude can only be accessed by zipline, hanging bridge, or vertical pully systems.

The second reason is the tree must be a “freakin-huge” tree that, of course, not only holds the house with you in it but is simply a giant that has been around for at least 100 years or at least looks like it has with the monolithic size.

The third is that if you are going to put a tree in a house to say you have a tree in a house, you need to re-evaluate your investment. As a child, a treehouse made sense because it was used as the central planning station of how you and your neighborhood pals would defend the neighborhood when aliens descended upon each home. Now you are smarter than that, or we at least hope so. A treehouse as an adult should offer a chance to connect with the natural world and, in a sense, live as they do but with running water and electricity.

The POC’s Treehouse

The three elements above were the requirements for the POC’s treehouse. The fact that it sits 200mts from one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet was just a plus.

The POC treehouse is accessed by a 300ft hanging bridge and is everything you can imagine when living in the canopy in the rainforest. Instead of bending your neck backward to see toucans and monkeys, they literally sit at eye level a few feet from the house and are as curious about you as you are about them.

Imagine taking all the dream machines you can buy off of amazon and putting them in a blender. That is what it is like to sleep in the POC treehouse. The sound of the waves, the noises of the rainforest, the soft wind and motion of the leaves in the canopy, and even the sound of howler monkey’s chewing on some plants (really, that is how close you are) makes for the perfect experience for those looking for adventure and immersion in nature at literally it’s the highest level.

The treehouse is located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica at a beach known as Punta Uva, which was voted one of the top 20 most beautiful beaches on the planet. The access is as easy as any access to a treehouse can be with the hanging bridge at ground level.

One of the main highlights of the treehouse is you can have the option to rappel down. This is a 120ft rappel down one of Costa Rica’s largest trees. 

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POC Lodge

Started in 2011 is the POC lodge. If you haven’t figured it out by now POC lodge is our own lodge and what we like to call the “baby” of the P.O.C. Adventure Company. We wanted a lodge on our favorite part of Costa Rica which is the Pacuare River and with the help of locally harvested supplies and labor, the POC Lodge was born.


This is a 180-acre property that runs over 1 mile of the Pacuare River. Our goal has always been to offer as much comfort as possible without steering too far away from our roots of just roughing it on the river’s edge. Our lodge has hot water, a splash of luxury in the rooms, and 5-Star service and attention to our guests.

Our favorite part about the lodge is that we built a short hike up from the river’s edge. We know we have the best views of the Pacuare River canyon and unfortunately pictures don’t even do it justice.

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